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Have you heard of Clickbank, yes of course, Clickbank is the biggest affiliate marketplace on the on the Internet.
Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money on the internet,  you can promote other peoples products or services by putting a link in your web site or web page that leads visitors to your page, directly to the merchant's site. In return, you are paid a commission for every sale resulting from the link. The amount you earn depends on the vendor.

Clickbank – The History

Clickbank  was started in 1998 to provide a platform for new businesses to set up shop, and sell their goods and services online. At that time, selling goods online was not as simple as it is now. New businesses with no credit card history had a tough time getting their own merchant account and credit card processing.

Today, Clickbank is the retail market for all kinds of digital goods and services, right from e-books to software to any downloadable goods you could possibly want. It has thousands of  products and services listed by the  vendors. It has a fantastic network of affiliate marketers who promote these products.

Why Clickbank ? Its success lies in as an online marketplace, millions of potential customers all over the world can access it. The advantage of being an online marketplace also extends to the ease with which anyone can sign up as an affiliate. What's more, Clickbank acts as the intermediary. They take all the payments for each sale and send the proceeds to the vendors twice a month. They also take care of after sales services, like refunds and returned goods, and pay out the commissions to the affiliates.

Clickbank is a brilliant place to start your own online business, or to turn your hours  on line into a money generator. You may need a little help, but once you get the basic idea, it is really quite simple.

If you are looking to sign up as a vendor, all you have to do is register yourself, make the necessary web pages available with all the info about your products, and start selling right away. You only have to pay a small amount of a little over a dollar per sale to Clickbank for their services and as much as you wish to affiliates.

As an affiliate, you can choose which products to promote from a huge list of thousands. Before you choose the products, make sure they meet your requirements. Every bit of information you need is available right there with the inbuilt directory, so you only need to do a keyword search.

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